• Last Modified: Sunday 25 February 2018.

The political concept of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran



The Constitutional Party of Iran has been established to help facilitate Iran’s freedom from Religious Fascism and establishment of a democratic national system of government in which the majority will rule within the frameworks and principals of liberalism which has been stated in the universal declaration of Human rights.

In our belief, changing the Islamic regime in Iran will be the first step in a long struggle to establish a democratic system. The next and more important step is to build a new society strengthen by a strong civil society and respect for human rights which can only be achieved by the participation of all Iranians regardless of their different views and political beliefs. To achieve this goal, we strive to remove obstacles which have divided our people. Not by denying our differences but by acknowledging and respecting them. In our opinion, Iranians, regardless of their differences, as inheritors of a glorious common history and culture, have too much in common to be divided by their differences of opinions. Therefore we call up on all Iranians affiliated with different groups and ideologies to work in nuisance towards a national reconciliation in which all obstacles based on hate, fears and suspicions of others are removed: the hates, fears and suspicions that have harmed our national unity and progress.

Respect for the rule of law mandates that crimes be tried in a court of law. No one’s background should be the only determinant of their present and future prospect for unity and cooperation with others. What is important is respecting the rights of others. Everyone is entitled to his/ her beliefs and opinions. What is of outmost importance is that no one should be allowed to eliminate others based on differences in beliefs, and views. The cycle of violence and bloodshed based on personal vendettas and political animosities must be broken.

To break the cycle of violence, which has become endemic in our society and polity, capital punishment must be abolished and the concept of political crimes must be eliminated. Adhering to no opinion or belief or political view should be criminalized. People can only be prosecuted for committing acts that have been clearly defined by law as in any democratic society. No one should be prosecuted or eliminated from participation in the political process based on the concept of political crimes.

A free society can not be achieved unless the majority of people agree on certain basic principals and rights of citizenry and a democratic system safeguarding those principals.

Independence, territorial integrity, unity of our nation, sovereignty of our people and their human rights are basic principals which all Iranians agree. Presence of different political groups, advocating different policies can only contribute to the strength of a political system.

If we insist and put emphases on the people’s right to govern and Human rights and base our struggle against the Islamic Regime in Iran on these principles, it doesn’t mean in anyway that we will reconcile with the Islamic regime which we found to be fundamentally contrary to our people’s and national interests. Our motivation for this struggle is our unshakable belief in the convergent of our people, nationalism and human rights. Our struggle against the Islamic regime is not for personal gain or vendetta but is to protect our national interest and our compatriots’ inalienable human rights. We find our values to be in an irreconcilable difference to the values this regime advocates and strongly believe that in order to prevent further damage to our nation and our people, the Islamic regime must come to an end and be changed.

B- Political Plan

Iran’s historical values and experience are the foundations up on which we have developed our political program on. We have tried to consider the best aspects of our national values and experiences: Iran’s nationalism, Freedom, Progress, and social justice in developing our political plan.

Iran’s nonaggressive Nationalism is the manifestation of our nation’s collective desire to protect her rights, unique identity, and safeguard her interests against foreign aggression.

We define freedom as: accepting individual freedom as the corner stone of our political thought, deriving the right of government to govern from the people and organizing society in such a way that equal rights all citizens based on the universal declaration of Human rights are protected.

We believe that the struggle to achieve a comprehensive progress in all aspects of economic, political and cultural life of our country is national commitment which all Iranians share. The desire and hope to come out of the dark ages and enter the age of enlightenment, overcoming hopelessness and backwardness, and joining the free world in which free people can work to build a prosperous, confident and secure country with a bright future are true qualities of those who truly believe in freedom.

We define social justice as the collective policies that aim at providing equal opportunity to everyone to prosper and blossom base of their natural abilities and aspirations. We define social justice as the collective policies that aim at reducing social inequalities and injustices in order to level the playing field for everyone to have the equal chance of prospering and helping those who fall behind. Based on these principals, we declare the following as our basic political concept:

1- The preservation of territorial integrity, independence and unity of the Iranian people is our top priority. We will support and defend these principals in every situation and under all circumstances.

2- The sovereignty of our people and the rule of law are the two basic principles up on which Iran ’s future political system must be built on. It must be the will of the people, manifesting itself in truly free elections, within the framework of the Universal declaration of Human rights that must determine the future direction of the country, form of the political system and the policies of its government.

3- We believe in a constitutional monarchy as the best form of government for Iran . We will do anything in our power to democratically restore Iran ’s monarchy and HIM Reza Shah II as its constitutional sovereign.

4- We believe that no laws and no majority can deny citizens of their natural and inalienable rights. We believe and are fully committed to the Universal Declaration of human rights, and all its social, cultural and political aspect. We therefore believe that protecting and respecting people’s lives, Freedom, property under the law is of the most important responsibilities of the government, and the government must provide the minimum conditions for all citizens to have and enjoy a dignified life.

5-We believe that all citizens are equal under the law. No one or group of people should enjoy privileges or suffer discrimination based to their ethnic origin, religion or gender of sexual orientation, and social status. No one has the right to profess to represent god or by proclaiming the divine right to rule the people and determine their destiny against their will. We believe in and strongly advocate a clear separation of religion and state. No one has the right to inquire about people’s personal religions. We know of no minority except for a temporary political minority manifesting itself in free elections which can easily turn into the majority in future elections.

6- Political parties, workers and trade unions and professional associations regardless of their political views and affiliations must be free. The judiciary and the law are obliged to protect their general rights and that of their members. The freedom of press and media of all kinds must be protected and safeguarded by the law.

7- Iran's provinces, regions and districts must have the opportunity and ability to govern their local affairs through free local elections. We believe in local governance not local sovereignty. All reigns of Iran should have equal representation in the Senate.

8- The Farsi language is the national and official language, and thus also the symbol of our national unity. Every Iranian should also be able to and have the right to learn and speak their local and ethnic language and dialect.

9- The separation of the judiciary from political and religious authorities - of any kind whatsoever – is of fundamental importance. The determination of conformity of laws with the Constitution, the oversight for the implementation of laws and verification of complaints of the government as well as protecting the individual rights of citizens and their complaints is the jurisdiction of the judicial branch of government. Judges and lawyers must have enough recognition and financial independence in order to safeguard their independence.

10- Iran 's foreign policy is based on the preservation of its territorial integrity and security, independence and national unity. Our goal is to cooperation with our neighbors and mutual friendship with all countries of the world. We must refrain from adventurism abroad.

11- Iran must be able to organize its armed forces according to her security and defensive needs. Our focus in Iran’s foreign and defense policy lies primarily in the promotion and strengthening of mutual trust and mutual cooperation in the region with the goal of preventing a military arm race in the Persian Gulf with a free south east Asia of chemical and nuclear weapons.

12- Fundamental economic development policy of Iran should be geared towards adapting policies that improves the standard of living by supporting free market economic activities that unleashes great potential of Iran’s economy and thus improves Iran’s GDP. The future government should support privatization of Iran’s economy and leave the management of Iran’s economy to private sector. Rather than focusing on running the economy The government should work to provide a level and fair playing field for all economic activates in line with principals of a free market economy and focuses on consumer protection and preventing monopolies and cartels to form. The government should also do its best to support domestic producers and industries from unfair practices of foreign competition during the infancy of those industries.

13- The agriculture, rural and industrial developments and services are to be made by the stabilization of product prices, by shifting of industry to villages with appropriate services, by facilitating the credit limit and the distribution network as well as by improving the other factors of production.

14- Women must enjoy an unconditional equality in social, political and legal terms. The equality of man and woman in all aspects of their family life and the role they play in the stability of the family must be recognized by law including child custody, and children's rights must also be guaranteed. The government should also work, by providing affordable child care for example, to facilitate the participation of women in all arenas of their choice.

15- Culture is the guiding element of any society. The freedom of art, culture and science, the support and development of regional subcultures and the support of artists and scientists form the basis of our cultural policy.

16- Education must be the top priority. No expense should be spare in improving the education and training level of Iranians of all age group particularly children. Promotion and support of vocational schools and similar institutions by providing frameworks and incentives for all areas of Iran’s government and private economy to support them must be a priority. Cooperation between universities and other educational institutions and private industries is of great importance and necessity. The education system and policy must be planned and designed to be relevant to the current economic needs and be flexible enough to change with an ever changing needs of a vibrant economy. Iranian children should be educated according to our national and humanitarian values as well as values associated with freedom of though and expression. Especial attention must be given to tteachers, lecturers and professors, and their compensation, both financial and moral, should be in line with to the dignity and impatance of their function.

17- The economic development must be carried out under consideration of environmental protection. Water ways, soil, Forests, and air in cities and elsewhere should be protected against pollution, degradation, and destruction. Iran’s national heritage sites and natural beauty must be preserved and protected. Their preservation and protection must be a national priority.

18- Equitable and fair distribution of Iran’s national wealth and services with the aim of reducing class differences, and standards of living in the cities with the rural areas, establishing health, unemployment as well as disability insurance policies, in addition to supporting the helpless families and children, and protection of the retirees and the fallen in war and the disabled must all be part of a reconstruction and redevelopment policy.

19- The reconstruction of the war zones, and the destroyed towns and villages, which should be made habitable again, must become a property in the reconstruction and development policies of Iran’s future.

20- The damage incurred by individuals, both financial and otherwise, as a result of the Islamic Revolution must be determined and compensated by competent authorities. Suitable conditions for the return of expatriates must provide. Although no financial compensation can adequately compensate for the sacrifices of our war veterans and those who lost their lives during the war, the well being and care of the veterans and their families must be a priority.